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Transport Services

When a child is sick or injured, getting to McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White can be a critical step to needed care. The McLane Children’s Tranpsort Program now has an air ambulance to transport critically ill or injured children from other facilities and emergency departments to McLane Children's Hospital. The helicopter joins a king-sized, state-of-the-art, custom-made transport ambulance.

For pediatric transfer from an area hospital to McLane Children’s Hospital, physicians can call 254-935-KIDS.

By ground or by air, ready at a moment’s notice

The McLane Children’s Transport Team features highly trained and experienced individuals who provide specialized expert care for ill or injured children. Our dedicated team of registered nurses, respiratory therapists and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) has advanced training in the stabilization, treatment and transport of pediatric and neonatal patients from area hospitals and emergency departments. When deployed, these nurses, respiratory therapists and EMTs are the eyes and ears for physician specialists based at McLane Children’s Hospital, monitoring the situation as the transport follows its course.

Bringing pediatric/neonatal critical care expertise to your bedside

Children who have sustained a traumatic injury, were born prematurely or may be suffering from respiratory distress benefit from our ability to bring rapid, high-quality transport to the bedside. The McLane Children’s Transport Team is also ready to transport children with surgical emergencies, cardiac issues or medical conditions that require transfer to McLane Children’s Hospital.

McLane Children’s is the only Level II pediatric trauma center that serves Central Texas. The Level II designation means McLane Children’s has been verified as meeting the highest national standards, and provides a team of specialists, available 24-hours a day, to respond to the most critical situations.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Physicians can call 254-935-KIDS 24 hours a day, seven days a week to transport children from area hospitals. Our transport team uses equipment specifically designed to take care of children during transport. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child during transport and participate in our family centered care.

Referrals to McLane Children’s transport

For referrals for pediatric transfer from an area hospital to McLane Children’s Hospital, physicians can call our transport team at 254-935-KIDS to be connected with the Scott & White Admissions Center and the appropriate on-duty specialist. The transport team is immediately available and ready for deployment once the decision is made to transfer the patient.

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